As well as being my favourite way of expressing myself, music has provided me with the opportunity to reconnect with my native Southern Sámi language and heritage. Southern Sámi is the natural language for me to sing to people in, even if only about a hundred people speak it! I believe that the mother tongue can better communicate the different shades in our thoughts, emotions, and ways of life. I feel that joik has always existed in me, even if it hasn’t been used in my family for generations. There are still melodies that everybody can feel and understand. I have been able to rediscover the South Sámi joik tradition for myself, decades after it disappeared from the area where I was born. It is my hope that our traditions will continue to become more familiar and visible both in Norway and beyond, and that joik comes to be seen as the integral part of Scandinavian culture that it is, and has been, for countless centuries. Music creates beautiful meetings between different cultures, but it can also help us to find internal strength and discover our own paths in life. I feel fortunate to have found a way of using my music to share traditional Sámi knowledge, and to help ensure that it remains relevant among contemporary Sámi and others. 

Musihkine aelhkemesmov vaajmoegïelem lïeredh. Iemieligke domtoe åarjelsaemiengïelesne laavlodh. Gellie vuelieh mejtie joejkem Upmeje saemien dajveste, gusnie aahka byjjeni. Upmejesaemien dajvesne jïh åarjelsaemien noerhtedajvesne dejtie vuelide bööremes vaarjelamme jïh vïhtesjadteme. Dah vuelieh mannem viehkiehtamme joejkeme-aerpiem lïeredh. Sïjhtem aaj goerehtidh mejtie maahtam jienebh vuelieh dehtie åarjemes  saempeste gaavnedh. Munnjien dan åajvahlaakan gosse scenesne tjåadtjoem. Dan buerie domtem gosse maahtam mijjen gïelesne almetjidie laavlodh. Mijjen dan vualijes vuelieh mejtie almetjh maehtieh domtedh  jïh mïeledh. Musihken tjïrrh maahtoem saemiej bïjre maahtam saakestidh jïh åehpehtidh. Vihkeles munnjien ihke noerh sijhtieh lïeredh jïh daejredh sijjen musihkeaerpiem. Manne juvnehtem saemiestidh, joejkestidh jïh mijjen gïelesne laavlodh guktie vaarjelibie mijjen aerpiem jïh vuekieh.