Vocals: Marja Mortensson
Tuba and bass trumpet: Daniel Herskedal
Drums and percussion: Jakop Janssønn

Produced by: Marja Mortensson, Daniel Herskedal og Jakop Janssønn.
Co-produced by: Frode Fjellheim
Recorded at: Ocean Sound Recording by Henning Svoren
Mixed at: Virkeligheden by August Wanngren
Mastered at: Stockholm Mastering by Thomas Eberger

Language consultants
South Saami: Sig-Britt Persson and Elin Fjellheim
English: Johan Sandberg McGuinne



1: Miesiej vuelie (a capella)

M: trad
L: trad

Jæjhki bæjjese vaaran manne vealkam 

Bæjjese vaaraj miesiej gåajka 

Mov’e fïjne veelges miesie 

Manne sjïjhtem vuejnijh

Dellie manne bæjjese vaaran dalveme 

Daelie mov miesieh gaajhke dovne


Je jå ja je jåå ja jåå ja

Source: Recording of Signe Danielsen, by Asbjørn Nesheim, the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History.

2: Svaken vuelie

M: Mortensson/herskedal
L: mortensson


Beavnere vaarie 



Såålejaavrien bealesjn tjahkesjem 

Svahken dajvesjn krievvie gåatamienie 

Sjijjiem masse bååstede ussjedem 

Mov gåetiesjijjen dajve

3: Daniel Mortenson

M: Mortensson
L: Mortensson

Mujhtebuh dejdie mejdie

mijjen avdeste bargeme

dejdie mejdie mijjen reaktaj

avdeste bargeme

4: Johan A. Persson

m: trad

Source: Sámi Voices, Karl Tirén’s
phonographic recordings 1913-1915. 

the Centre for Swedish Folk Music and Jazz Research, the Museum of Music, 2003, published in cooperation with Ájjte,The Swedish Mountain and Saami Museum.

6: Miesiej vuelie (arranged version) The Reindeer Calves

m: trad
l: trad


9: Mojhtesh

M: Mortensson
L: Mortensson

Maahtam vuejnedh
guktie johkh gelkieh
guktie vaeriem tjuatsa 

Maahtam vuejnedh
guktie gïerenh

Måjhtam vaajesi tjïrrh
Måjhtam dah vaajesh
Guktie aahka mannine soptsesti
Guktie stråenghkieh jeatjahtuvvieh
Manne aajmene daesnie
Manne aajmene
Eah gïeh 

Gaajhkesh leah vualkeme
Jïjtjemdh bïerkenidh
Oktegh tjåadtjoem
snöölhki vööste 

Guktie maahtam laehpedh
aerpiem laehpedh
maadtoem laehpedh
Guktie maahtam maahtoem laehpedh
gïelem laehpedh
jïelemem laehpedh


Gåessie bööremes orrijidh jïh
gåessie bööremes gæmhpoehtidh?

10: Aajmeste / From the Snow Storm

m: mortensson


11: Saltien alda muw

M: trad
L: trad

Saltien alda muw, je je ja o
Salt ks alda o u e a
Boåtieh diekie

Source: Jonetta Jakobsdatter,
“Røros-samiske tekster”, page 166.
3rd print, published by

the Norwegian Folk Museum, 1992

12: Mojhtestasse

M: Herskedal/Mortensson/Trad

L: Mortensson/Trad

Majhtam dejdie vuelide
Mejdie fihkejijjem govlijh
Tjidtjeste, sjeaseste, jååneste

Ussjedijjem gumhtie minngesjn
Aaldide buhtjiejijjem
Daam vuoss veastam
Maam smååhkejijjem

Manne mu aaltoan
wuölem juäjkam
dai ålmai åutse
de åutse

The composition is based on a yoik that Maria Persson performed in Slugufjäll, 1917. It was transcribed in the book ”Med Dalaälven från källorna til havet, 1918-1939”. 

The original yoik melody and lyrics could be heard from 05:40 into the track.

1: The Reindeer Calves (a cappella)

M: trad
L: trad

As the night falls, I set off towards the mountain,

climbing the peaks, towards the reindeer calves,

Yearning to see

my beautiful, white reindeer calf;

At long last, having walked far, I reach the top of the mountain,

this is the time and place to gather all my reindeer calves.

Je jå ja je jåå ja jå ja


2: The Mountain of Svahke

M: Mortensson/herskedal
L: mortensson

Stone covered mountain peak,

mountaineous viewpoint!

Snow clad high plain,

and vantage point

Sitting down next to the Såålejaevrie mountain lake,

the reindeer herd graze the Svahke pastures;

this is a place that I return to in my thoughts –

my ancestral homeland

3: Daniel Mortenson

M: Mortensson
L: Mortensson

Always remember the ones

who worked so diligently for us,

the ones who spearheaded the

fight for our rights

5: Galkije johke / Running Water

m: mortensson

7: Vaajese / A Tale

m: mortensson

8: Vaartije Cairn

M: HerskedAL


9: Memories

M: Mortensson
L: Mortensson

In this act of bringing memories to mind
I can see
how every stream, every body of water flows,
how the falling snow covers the mountain
In my memories
I can see
how the arctic grouse
sings its own, peculiar song

Through these stories, I remember
I remember all these stories
that my grandmother told me,
how each wrinkle on her face slowly changed

A solitary voice
I have been left behind here, 
resting, in solitude
I remain,
the others are gone

Everyone has left
leaving you to fight your battles on your own
I stand alone,
facing the wolves

How could I ever abandon
this heritage,
our ancestral homelands
How could I ever leave all this knowledge behind
abandoning this language of ours,
running away from this way of life

Left behind, in solitude

When is it best to give up, and
when is it best to keep on fighting?


11: My Reindeer Cow

M: trad
L: trad

My trusty little reindeer cow,
my reindeer cow,
come to me!


12: Cultural Heirlooms

M: Herskedal/Mortensson/Trad

L: Mortensson/Trad

I remember each traditional song,
that I was fortunate to hear, 
rising from the lips of my mother, my aunts and uncles;
a treasure trove full of cultural heirlooms

Thinking back on the days when
we milked the reindeer cows,
the first piece of cheese
that I got to taste

I am singing the yoik
of my trusty little reindeer cow,
in honour of these men and women,
in honour of them